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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Planetary Aspects

Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem

Assalam oalaikum,

Planetary aspects play a crucial role in amalyaat. Hence having knowledge about them becomes all the more important. The cosmic energies of the planets tend to get affected by the way in which the planets are positioned with respect to each other at any time in the position of the zodiac in the houses. Some positions may produce arrangements that strengthen these energies, while others bring about disturbing effects. These relations between planetary positions are called Aspects. The aspects are used to ascertain how the planets mingle to stimulate and restrain each other's influence. They are divided into two categories, major or minor and harmonious or tense. Harmonious aspects are also known as positive or benefic and tense aspects are also known as difficult, negative or malefic.

The major planetary aspects are as follows:
Conjunction: If two planets are close to the same degree and in the same zodiac sign then the aspect is known as Conjunction. A conjunction is the most powerful aspect in astrology. It signifies that the two planets involved have a strong influence and are a crucial point in the chart. Conjunction is beneficial for the benefic planets and negative for the malefic planets. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are benefic planets whereas Saturn, Uranus and Mars are malefics.
Square: If 2 planets are 90° apart then the aspect is called Square. The 1st house will always be in Square with the 4rth house. This aspect is considered to be tense or negative (Nahis asghar). Hence, amals related to negative factors such as enmity and destruction are done in this aspect.
Opposition: When 2 planets are 180° apart the aspect is called Opposition. This is an unharmonious and negative aspect (Nahis asghar). This aspect is very powerful and it places the planets in conflict with each other. It brings about discordance, strain, or separation. This aspect is useful for performing negative amals such as those of creating dissent or estrangement between to people, divorce, war, causing illness, destroying the enemy etc.
Sextile: When 2 planets are 60° apart the aspect is called Sextile. The 1st House is always in sextile with the 3rd House. This is a harmonious and favorable aspect (Saad asgar). It is useful for performing positive amals or worldly tasks.
Trine: When 2 planets are 120° apart the aspect is called Trine. This is the most harmonious and positive aspect. The 1st House is always in trine to the 5th House. Trine brings the energies of 2 planets into an easy interplay and it allows easy interaction between two planets. Therefore trine is considered to be a useful aspect for performing amals related to creating friendship, love etc.

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