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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The foodstuff related with the Stars

Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem,

Assalam oalaikum,
The concept of food for the planets is closely related to amalyat. However, this does not imply that the Sun, Moon, Venus etc actually need food like us. At this point I would like to explain a few things. There is a close link between the moakkilat (angels) and Allah (swt)’s names. Every name of Allah has a Muwakkil who constantly prays and repeats that name of Allah (swt). These Moakkils are also related to Allah (swt)’s creation such as the Sun, Moon and the planets. Just as I have explained in my previous blogs that the seven planets are closely related to some or the other fragrances similarly, the planets are also closely associated with eatables. These eatables are distributed in the name of the planets and Moakkils during the early period of the amal. So whatever sweetmeats, dry fruits etc deem to be suitable according to the nature of the amal and the related planets should be distributed. This is a means of appeasing the moakkilat and protecting oneself from getting any type of punishment (rajat) from them. This type of distribution of foodstuff is a kind of a sadqa or charity for the amal that assures that the amal will get completed successfully. The foodstuff can either be floated in a river or it can be given to someone who deserves it, after completion of the amal.

Sun: Rose Ittar, gram dal, honey, fragrant dried fruits, desserts and sweet zarda (saffron colored rice cooked with sugar).
Moon: Milk, rice, ghee (clarified butter, white sugar, white rice, Rose water and sweet, Indian dry fruits.
Mars: Roti (Bread with yeast), meat, kebabs, red chilies, Tand or Tazz, oil Talak, leafy vegetables, Masoor dal (lentil) and sour dried fruits.
Mercury: rice, Moong dal (lentil), Indian or imported dried fruits- green pistachios, Char maghas (a mixture of 4 seeds or nuts: Almonds,
Cantaloupe Seeds, Pumpkin seeds and Water melon seeds), grapes, pomegranate, roti, paratha (Indian bread) and all types of fragrances.
Jupiter: Imported dried fruits, milk, rice, honey, misri (candy sugar), sugar, zarda, roti with yeast (naan) and Rose ittar.
Venus: Milk, rice, Zarda, halwa with honey, gram dal (lentil), Ittar and leafy vegetables.
Saturn: Urad dal khichdi, oil Syah, Ittar Mati, bitter dried fruits and aubergines.

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