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Assalam oalaikum,
All kinds of amalyaat, talisman and taweez depend to a great extent on the factor of time. They can be successful and useful only if the right time is chosen. As I have discussed in my other blogs the entire universe created by Allah (swt) is inter-connected. The planets of our solar system have positive and negative influences on our life. The sun and the planets have been granted special powers by Allah (swt) and they all follow the command of Allah (swt). The Moon has been granted a pivotal role in the laws of the universe. The cycles of the moon influence the tides of the oceans and the tides of emotion within people also. This is because water is a major constituent of our bodies. Until and unless Moon is in a favorable position in the sky none of the amalyaat, talisman or taweez/amulets can have any positive outcome.
Factors to be kept in mind in amalyaat:
The Moon has to be observed to understand whether it is in a favorable position or an unfavorable one. I shall guide you about this in the following posts.
It should be decided whether the amal is to be performed during the day or at night. If it is to be done during daytime then it should be done in Talah Burj Roze and if it is to be done at night then it should be done in Talah Burj Laily. Burj Hamal is related to daytime and Burj Soor is related to the night.
Burj or zodiacal constellations are of two distinct categories: Mustakimatul and Moajatul. Both of them have to be considered before starting an amal.
The Moon gets rid of its negative influences after the lunar eclipse gets over. The amals are done during the phase of waxing Moon, i.e. the phase during which the moon becomes full and it is grows in its power. If the lunar phase is not considered before starting an amal then the amil can have to face the odds. He will not be able to meet his targets instead he may end up getting into serious troubles, with his efforts backfiring at him.

There are a lot of intricate nuances in astrology, which makes it a difficult discipline for a layman. Inshallah, I shall try my level best to clear all the doubts about the astrological concepts, in the following posts.

Keep Me In Your Prayers
Amel Soname

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