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Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to calculate the zodiac sign

Assalam oalaikum,

In this chapter I shall discuss the method of knowing a person’s zodiac sign. Information about the zodiac sign is of utmost importance in the discipline of amalyaat.
If the zodiac sign of a person on whom the amal (of love or hatred) is to be targeted, is not known, then the amal will not be successful.

Method of calculating:
The values of the total Urdu alphabets of that person’s name and his mother’s name should be summed up and then divided by 12. Result:
If the remainder is 1 then the zodiac sign is Aries
If the remainder is 2 then the zodiac sign is Taurus.
If the remainder is 3 then the zodiac sign is Gemini
If the remainder is 4 then the zodiac sign is Cancer
If the remainder is 5 then the zodiac sign is Leo
If the remainder is 6 then the zodiac sign is Virgo
If the remainder is 7 then the zodiac sign is Libra
If the remainder is 8 then the zodiac sign is Scorpio
If the remainder is 9 then the zodiac sign is Sagittarius
If the remainder is 10 then the zodiac sign is Capricorn
If the remainder is 11 then the zodiac sign is Aquarius
If the remainder is 12 then the zodiac sign is Pisces

An example: If the person’s name on whom an amal is to be performed is Ahmed and his mother’s name is Anum then the zodiac sign of Ahmed will be calculated in the following way:
The total value of Ahmed’s name =53

The total value of Anum will be 161.
Now in order to calculate Ahmed’s zodiacal sign both the sums, i.e. 53 and 161 shall be added, which will give us a sum total of 214.
Now, when we divide this sum by 12 we get the remainder of 10. This shows that Ahmed is a Capricorn.

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