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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Electional astrology (saat system)

Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem

Assalam oalaikum,

Electional astrology is also known as event astrology. It plays a significant role in amalyaat because it helps an amil to select an auspicious/ appropriate time for performing an amal. Allah (swt) has created a stupendous cosmos, which generally speaking, means an orderly or harmonious system. Our solar system that is a part of the universe also functions in a systematic and smooth way. Allah (swt) has granted each of the 7 planets with specific energies. Allah (swt) has also granted the Alwi moakkils supremacy over the sifli moakkils so that the former can defeat the latter and establish good over evil on earth.
Some of the planets are malefic and some are benefic. The former cast a negative influence over the native and bring about troubles whereas the latter generate positive energies and bring about growth and fortune in the life of the native.
The planets revolve around the Sun in their fixed orbits and the astrologists have fixed their Saat and also the effects of the Saat. The Saat of each planet has been fixed and its knowledge is essential to make an amal successful. When an amil decides to perform an amal then first of all he should find the Saat that is most appropriate for doing that type of amal. If the Saat is not given importance then the amal may not work and in some cases, it may also bring about negative effects that may harm the amil.
The amil should know beforehand that which planet governs the day on which he has decided to perform an amal. Keeping in mind the necessary details will help the amal to progress smoothly.
How to calculate the Saat:
First of all, the length of the day and night are calculated. This can be done by finding the time of sunrise and sunset For example, if the time of sunrise is and the time of sunset is then the length of the day will be of 13 hours and night will be 11 hours long. Now divide the day length, i.e. 13x 60 minutes=780. Then divide this number again by 12, which will give us a sum of 65. Hence, the Saat is of 65 minutes, in this case.
Now we have to determine that which planet is governing a particular day. The seven planets govern the seven days of a week. For example:
Saturn governs Saturdays,
Jupiter governs Thursdays,
Mars governs Tuesdays;
Sun governs Sundays
Venus governs Fridays;
Mercury governs Wednesdays
Moon governs Mondays.

The first Saat will start from the time of sunrise. This Saat will be of the planet that governs that particular day. For example, if the day is a Sunday then as mentioned above the Saat will be of Sun.

On a Sunday the first Saat will be of Sun and the remaining 6 Saats will follow the fixed pattern as mentioned in point#3. For example, the remaining Saats will be of Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter; Mars and then again Sun, Venus…repeated in the same pattern.
Here is a chart that shows the Saat of planets (day) from sunrise to sunset:

Here is a chart that shows the Saat of planets (night) from sunset to sunrise:

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