Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moon in Scorpio

Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem,

An amil should be aware about the consequence of Moon in Scorpio because this produces a lot of negativity which is not conducive for the success of an amal. Each month the Zodiac constellation of Scorpio governs for two and a half day. As we know that a Scorpio is known for its tendency to sting people. The same goes for the Scorpio Zodiac constellation. If an amal is started at the time when this Zodiac sign has its ruler ship then the amal can never succeed. Therefore any new amal should never be started during the ruler ship of Scorpio. This period is beneficial for doing negative amals of destruction, revenge etc. The sky has been divided into 28 equal parts which are called the ‘Lunar Mansions’. Each part symbolizes the passage of the Moon through its 28 day cycle. During its monthly orbit around the earth, the moon comes under the influence of the 12 zodiac constellations for around two and a half days each or roughly 56 hours.
Keep Me In Your Prayers
Amel Soname

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