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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Exaltation of planets

Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem

Assalam oalaikum,

As I have already explained in my post: Exalted and debilitated planets, there is a specific sign amongst the 12 Zodiac signs in which a planet functions at its best. This is known as its sign of Exaltation. planet becomes stronger and favorable when it is in its sign of Exaltation.
Below is a list of the planets and the benefits that can be obtained from them when they are exalted or in sharaf phase.

Sun: Victory over enemies, attainment of prestige, grandeur. Taweez and alwah (naqsh engraved on copper or gold plates) are prepared during this time for victory and progress. Black magic does not work on the Alwah prepared for Aries sign. Neither can any person harm anyone who has the Aries alwah prepared for him self. The plate used for this purpose is made of gold and it is used to heal a plethora of ailments.
Mercury: To bring the bureaucrats and one’s peers under control, enhance memory for success in exams; to do away with foolishness and to enhance eloquence an alwah is prepared. This alwah is helpful in curing nightmares that kids have or the problem of their getting scared, melancholia, epilepsy and weakness.
Venus: Alwah is prepared for subjugating and bringing the minds of people or a lover under one’s control. The alwah for gaining attention of the people is prepared specially for businessmen, politicians, doctors and traders/shopkeepers as it enhances their respectability and popularity in the society. The alwah is helpful in curing diseases pertaining to women and it also helps in a safe delivery.
Mars: Alwah is made for attainment of power and valor, making the heart strong, gaining victory over enemies in war and protection from wild animals and black magic. The alwah prepared during Mars exaltation is helpful in healing leprosy, phlegm, colic pain (acute abdominal pain) and Parkinson’s disease.
Jupiter: Alwah is prepared for attainment of wealth, enhanced sustenance and position, winning lottery and other chance games (gambling) paying back loans and creating new sources of income. The medicinal purpose of creating alwah or engraved plates under Jupiter’s exaltation period is to heal insanity.
Saturn: Alwah is made for transforming enmity between two groups or two individuals into love. If there is fear of losing land, property, marital relationship (by means of divorce) or job then it can be stopped by preparing a special alwah too. If a person is a have-not (without property) then he can be helped in acquiring property through an alwah. One can also get a high status in the society, victory over enemies and become an invincible person with the help of this alwah. This alwah helps to cure plague and tuberculosis.
Moon: Any amal or wazifa that is started during Moon’s exaltation proves to be very effective and beneficial. If any amal of love, progress etc is done accurately during this phase then it also gets success.

Amel soname contact

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