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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The appearance of the 7 planets

Assalam oalaikum,
The 7 planets have a distinct appearance:
The Moon has masculine traits and a tall height. He has a gazar (stiff silken fabric) in one hand which is of either yellow or green color. Both his hands are placed on his shoulders.
The Sun can be personified as a masculine figure, with a medium height, a halo around the head and the face of a lion. His hands are placed on a jinn.
Mercury also has masculinity. He has a pen in hand, which is placed on his thigh, as though he were writing something. His color is turquoise.
Mars also has masculine traits, with the look of a soldier and a sword in one hand and a cut head in his other hand. The color is red.
Jupiter has masculine traits as well and a book in his hand. There is a disagreement amongst the scholars about its color. Some say it is yellow whereas some others say it is of sandalwood color.
Saturn has masculine traits as also and has long hair. He has six hands altogether. In two of his hands he holds wooden staff which hangs down till his knees. In the other two he hold a branch of a fruit tree and in the remaining two hands he has a Dum chira.

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