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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Lunar effects

Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem

Assalam oalaikum,
The Moon plays a large and complex role in our lives. It is not only a reflector of cosmic energies, but it is also associated with the transmission of cosmic energies. Until and unless Moon is favorable the amals cannot succeed. Therefore, before starting any amal or making a taweez the position of the Moon should be considered carefully, whether it is benefic or malefic, or in other words whether it is generating a positive effect or a negative effect on us. The Moon gets rid of all its negativity in the following conditions:
When it is not eclipsed.
When it is not Tahat-al-Shah
When it is not debilitated in Scorpio
When it is in fall or inimical
When it is not under influence of a negative aspect or nazar/drishti.
It is only if the Moon is devoid of all negativity and bad effects that the time is considered to be suitable for doing any positive amal. Otherwise all the hard-work may go down the drain and in some cases the effect may be totally opposite and an undesirable one.
On the other hand if a person intends to perform a negative amal then the more malefic the Moon, the better the results.
As a rule the Moon is benefic during Sharaf Qamar or its Exaltation phase and it is inimical during Qamar- ba- Naznab and Qamar Tahat-al-Shah.
So time plays an essential role in doing a particular amal because it has to be ascertained if the Moon is in a favorable position or not.
Sometimes a person may not be able to select the appropriate time for an amal in the present and there may not be a suitable time available in the near future as well. In such a case the only option one may have is to perform the amal, by completing all the other rituals. This kind of amal in which the timing is not perfect will not be as effective as the amal in which the settings are perfect.
For e.g. If I want to perform an amal of love then I shall select the sign of Gemini (May 22-June 21) because Gemini is one of those zodiac signs in which amals of love can be done successfully. Since Gemini is an Air sign so the taweez will be Baadi. The ink used for making this taweez should be of yellow or green color. The amal will be done when the Moon is in Gemini.
Gemini has 2 and a quarter phases-Haka, Hanfa and Zarah. Amongst these the fisrt two phases, i.e. Haka and Hanfa are favorable for doing amals of love and tasqheer (power to control the minds of others). Select one of these favorable phases and the day should preferable be a Thursday or a Friday. Finally, one has to observe the Moon, keeping in mind the 5 above-mentioned points, to ascertain whether the Moon is favorable or not. If it is devoid of all negativity then this is just the perfect setting for an amal of love and captivation to work out well. the occult.

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