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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The association of planets with different aspects of our lives

Bismillahir Rahman nir Raheem,

Assalam oalaikum,
The planets are associated with different aspects of human life. For example, Venus is associated with love and victory, Mars with conflicts etc.
If an amil does the amal for love then he should observe whether the aspect or nazar of the associated planet is positive or negative with the Moon. A positive aspect will prove to be beneficial for a positive amal whereas a negative aspect would prove to be good for a negative amal.
Saturn is associated with depression, struggle, illness etc so the amals related to destroying the enemy, subduing the opponents etc should be done under Saturn’s influence.
Jupiter is associated with fulfillment of wishes, ease after hardships and making one’s intentions noble. Therefore amals related to increasing wealth, success in business, friendship, increase in prestige and position, enhanced sustenance, victory over the powerful, rich and learned and healing diseases should be performed under the influence of Jupiter.
Mars is associated with clashes. Hence, amals related to enmity between two people, altercations between two people, making the opponents panicky, victory over one’s enemies, alienating the enemy, crush the opponents, destroying the enemy’s army and estranging people from each other should be done under the influence of Mars. The amals for curing diseases can also be done successfully.
The Sun is associated with glory, power, popularity, prestige, victory over the rich; powerful and kingship.
Venus is associated with love, friendship, entertainment and marriage. Hence, amals related to seeking love from the woman one desires and opulence should be done under the influence of Venus.
Mercury is associated with breaking magic spells and clearing doubts. So amals related to getting rid of black magic, eloquence, making the enemy tongue-tied, blocking their dreams, increasing knowledge and doing away with one’s enemies should be done under Mercury.
Moon is associated with health, getting rid of diseases and evil eye, overcoming one’s fears and doubts. Hence, amals related to health, friendship, protecting from evil eye, protection of crops, increase in the yield of crops and orchards should be done under Moon’s influence.

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